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Wyclef Jean Calls On Haiti's Armed Gangs To Lay Down Weapons, Promotes Dialogue

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (HCNN)- Haitian world renown star, Wyclef Jean, has called on Haiti's armed gangs to lay down their weapons, as he calls on all actors involved in the crisis to engage in a constructive dialogue in the troubled Caribbean country, where a multinational force is being deployed to help guarantee security and stability.

In a message conveyed through a music he's just released, the artist emphasized the need for illegally armed groups to put down their weapons, as Haiti seeks sustainable peace through social and economic investments, particularly in the poor communities.

"As I call on men of arms to put down their weapons, I believe it is also important that authorities make sure that relevant policies are put in place for investments to be made in rural and underprivileged areas, where over 80 percent of the population are living on less than a dollar a day," said Wyclef Jean in his message.

However, Jean aknowledged, "for the dialogue to bear fruit, all sectors involved should show good faith."

Wyclef Jean, who had to pospone a trip he intended to take to Haiti on Tuesday, has insisted on the need for actors to initiate a genuine dialogue in the country to try to achieve sustainable peace and development.

"Though my trip to Haiti has been postponed for now, I look forward to making a few visits in the next few months," Jean announced.

The Haitian musician talks about his plans to offer a peace concert to the population in Haiti, and plea for the holding of free and fair elections in which "Haitians living abroad could have the possibility to vote for the candidates of their choice."

He said actors from the goverment of Haiti, the private sector, rural areas, religious sectors and all other relavant actors should be part of the dialogue.

In the meantime, Haitian and Kenyan police officers have started a series of joint operations in the capital Port-au-Prince, where they retook possession, over the past couple of days, of the country's main hospital which was taken over by armed gangs.


Wyclef Jean has reiterated his will to speak to everybody in the relentless quest for peace, as he blames those who have been talking to certain actors in secrecy, while they pretend the contrary.

"I do believe in Justice and the Rule of Law, and I do believe in dialogue," said Wyclef Jean underlining that even during the most Horrific wars, dialogue has always been part of the greater solution.

"I will forever be a citizen for peace.

It's peace that I'm preaching. I'm talking to everybody; peace, love and dialogue," he exclaimed.

He said he will "continue to fight the good fight, so that we, as entrepreneur, and others, may come back home and invest in our motherland, Haiti."

Jean said he was "reminded of the task that Bob Marley had faced when he wanted to put together the One Love Concert: "To whom much is given, much is required".

In concluding, Wyclef Jean - who has published a picture of himself and the late Nelson Mandela, one of his heroes - said he "looks at the photo every day and remembers Mandela's words:“It always seems impossible until it's done.”

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