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Haitian Global Star, Wyclef Jean, Says Yes To CARICOM-Mediated Fix for Haiti's Crisis

Haitian Global Star, Wyclef Jean, Says Yes To CARICOM-Mediated Fix for Haiti's Crisis

By Joseph Guyler C. Delva

Wed, April 10, 2024

Haitian-Caribbean News Network


Haitian global superstar, Wyclef Jean, has expressed support for a CARICOM-mediated political agreement aimed at bringing Haiti's crisis to an end, as stakeholders strive to set up a new government to lead the troubled Caribbean country.


Under the auspices of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), haitian social and political protaginists, from different walks of life, have agreed and signed a  document in which different steps, towards resolving the crisis, have been enumerated.

Wyclef Jean, one of the most influential and respected voices in Haiti, said the agreement was an important step forward which deserves support from the haitian people and other actors.

"All 9 members (7 full members with voting rights and 2 observers) of the Presidential Council have agreed on the terms of a political agreement and further steps are expected within the coming days to allow the inauguration of the council, and so on," Wyclef Jean wrote in a tweet published on Wednesday.

"This is an important step forward which needs to be supported," Jean wrote in his tweet.

According to the haitian hiphop star and entrepreneur, "the sociopolitical situation in Haiti remains very fragile and volatile, but a number of significant, promising and encouraging steps towards finding a solution to the crisis  have been taken despite numerous challenges."

However, wrote Jean, "it remains crucial that new authorities, for the process to succeed, decide to reactivate the existing National Committee for Disarmament, Dismantling and

Reinsertion, and to deal with armed groups in a way to prevent continuous security chaos with or without the prior deployment of a robust international security force."

"Because, the most important is to restore security, but also to restore peace, and to resolutely launch the country on the path of development and accountability," Wyclef Jean stated.

"So, in conclusion, there are other solutions that could be better, such as the appointment of a judge at the Supreme Court as president, however, given the wide and diverse range of key actors involved, the current proposed solution represents a rare opportunity to move forward," Jean concluded.

Wyclef Jean continues to hold a Haitian passport, despite all the opportunities he's had to become a US citizen, which could facilitate

his traveling around the world, among other things.

Wyclef Jean remains the most popular Haitian in the world and is particularly admired in his homeland Haiti where good as well as bad people always show a lot of respect for him.

For instance, once kidnappers had decided to release a hostage without any ransom, just because someone had Wyclef talked on the phone with the abductor who felt so happy and proud. Haitian Global Star, Wyclef Jean, Says Yes To CARICOM-Mediated Fix for Haiti's Crisis

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