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Haiti's SOS Journalistes Welcomes  Dismissal of Prosecutor Richemond, Congratulates Conille Government

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti-- SOS Journalistes welcomes the decision by Prime Minister Garry Conille and  Minister of Justice and Public Security, Carlos Hercule, to remove from office the government Commissioner (prosecutor) of the city of Les Cayes, Ronald Richemond.

SOS Journalistes had strongly urged the deposed government to take such a decision, but former authorities had preferably decided to ignore the repeated calls for reason.

SOS Journalistes calls on all authorities -- political, judicial, administrative and police -- to fully play the role given to them by the laws of the republic to ensure that the case of the assassination of journalist Garry Tesse and those of other murdered journalists are among the priorities of the new government, which must - with vehemence, firmness and rigor - kick off the much-needed war against impunity, corruption, injustice and gagging.

In that sense, SOS Journalistes urges relevant authorities to grant the investigating judge, Me Jean Michelet Séide - working on the Garry Tesse case - the logistical and security means he needs to accomplish his difficult and perilous mission to identify and bring before competent judges the alleged murderers of the journalist.

We must not forget that Commissioner Richemond fabricated two false orders with falsified signatures of investigating judge Robert Jourdain to order the release of people detained as part of the investigation, including one of his close allies, Wilkens Thirogène, reputed to be the material author of the crime.

Moreover, Judge Jourdain had formally filed a complaint for forgery against Richemond to the Ministry of Justice. No action had yet been taken on the complaint of the victim magistrate.

Welcoming the dismissal of Commissioner Richemond positively, SOS Journalistes calls on competent authorities to prohibit the former prosecutor from leaving the country and thus fleeing justice.

SOS Journalistes thanks Public Ombudsman, Renan Hédouville, for his invaluable contribution to overcoming obstacles towards reaching the important milestone.

The attitude of the government, in the case that concerns us, bodes well for the future of justice, democracy and the rule of law in Haiti.

Let us all fight for the triumph of freedom and justice, because “JUSTICE ELEVATES A NATION!”

Done in Port-au-Prince, June 27, 2024

Joseph Guyler C. Delva

Secretary General of

SOS Journalistes Haiti

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