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CARICOM intends to support election in Haiti as soon as possible, condemns gang movements

CARICOM intends to support the elections in Haiti as soon as possible, condemns the movements of gangs, and promises to support Haiti.

Please Read in extenso the CARICOM communiqué.

'' Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) received a letter from the

Prime Minister of Haiti, Dr Ariel Henry, calling for solidarity and requesting assistance to

alleviate the deepening humanitarian, security, political, and economic crises in Haiti.

The actions of criminal gangs have resulted in the complete cessation of fuel distribution in

several parts of the country forcing the closure of hospitals and schools and the shutting down

of water pumps prohibiting the provision of clean water. The water shortage also has

exacerbated the resurgence of a cholera epidemic particularly in poor neighbourhoods.

Heads of Government condemn the callous and inhumane actions of the armed gangs

responsible for the roadblocks limiting movement of the Haitian people and of goods, the

destruction of life and livelihoods and the deprivation of the basic needs of the people.

Heads of Government call upon all stakeholders in Haiti to come together with urgency at this

critical juncture in the country’s history to bring an end to the protracted political stalemate

in the interest of the people of the country and choose nation above self-interest.

Heads of Government reiterate their willingness to facilitate meaningful dialogue and

consensus building among Haitian stakeholders to support efforts at resolving the political

stalemate. The proposed assistance includes institution building, implementation of free and

fair elections when the required enabling conditions are met, and the establishment of a

framework for long-term social and economic development.

However, they recognise that these initiatives could not be effectively realised until the

security situation is addressed. In that regard Heads of Government take note of the appeal

by Prime Minister Henry for the urgent assistance of Haiti’s international partners for short

term assistance to address the security and humanitarian crises. "

October 12, 2022

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